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The SCCK thanked HE Anne Höglund for her fabulous work over the passed three years!

In the middle of the summer, 24th of July, HE Anne Höglund had her last days as the Swedish Ambassador in South Korea. Although most of our Board Members weren’t in the country we decided to meet with her at the Hyatt to thank her for all that she has done for the SCCK and to give her a small token of appreciation. Without the professional and never ending support of our Ambassador HE Anne Höglund, the Swedish Chamber in Korea would not have reached out so widely as we have been able to do. We all are thankful and wish her good luck in her new assignment. The SCCK

Korean Swedish Association, Seoul University and the SCCK.

The 17th of May the SCCK together with the Korean Swedish Association (KSA) visited the Seoul National University to talk about Swedish Politics for Equality & Swedish Company Culture. The audience consisted mainly of young students and our members. The evening was appreciated and after Panel Discussions ended with a mingle and some interviews. For those of you who want to see something of this evening can do so below:


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