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Chamber News

SCCK Gala Dinner 2018 was well visited and enjoyed!

This years Gala Dinner was in the spirit of Sweden and its four seasons. The table names were baptized after the 25 Landscapes of Sweden and the tables decorated with Spring-, Summer-, Autumn- and Winter colors. A small give-away, a ceramic bowl in the scape of Sweden, and some information about the table landscape the guest were seated in, in their personnel Goodie-bag.

Once more I would like to thank our sponsors, Saab, Atlas Copco, Electrolux, Securitas, Oriental Press, Tetra Pak, Alfa Laval, Kim & Chang, Yoon & Yang and Samhwa Accounting for their support.

We had a small concert performed by young art students, which was wonderful as well as the foods and wines. After the dinner many guests enjoyed dancing to the life music, from the Han Sang Won Band.

We had 222 guests and I would like to thank them all for making it such a wonderful evening, for without you all there would be no atmosphere.

I hope to see you all again and many more to SCCK’s Event of each year, in 2019.

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