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Chamber News

We are pleased to welcome Hannes Ekström as our newest Board Member.

Hannes Ekström is appointed as President and CEO of Ericsson-LG from October 2022. He is also a member of Ericsson Market North East Asia (MNEA) leadership team. Before the post, Ekström was responsible for the overall Networks strategy at Ericsson as Vice President & Head of Strategy Networks. He and his team engaged in M&A activities, technology trends/foresight, business development and planning, ultimately impacting the company investments.

Ekström has a broad experience from the mobile industry, having worked in diverse roles at Ericsson during the past 20+ years. The focus in his past roles has been on products, having spent time in research and development, and product management. He had led the Product Line 5G Radio Access Network for the definition and life cycle of Ericsson’s global 5G RAN product including its P&L. He has also held various positions in pre-sales and sales in countries such as South Korea as 4G was introduced, and Russia, where he was Key Account Manager for MTS, Russia’s largest mobile operator.

Ekström holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. LinkedIn atöm


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