Networking Event

We put the upcoming activities at our BLOG so you can plan your participation better. If you are interested to receive automatic updates (maximum twice a month) you can subscribe just click on Blog and fill in your name and mail adress.


You can alway check at our  websites blog what's "in the pipeline" updates are posted as soon as they're made, for once more we want you to have the possibility to join us we know you all have a very busy scheduale. Said that we anyhow hope to receive feedback and if possible we will post and report on the activities we've done.


Welcome to our biggest event of the year 
Gala Dinner 2018

This year our Gala Dinner will be on the 23rd of March and we would love to welcome you have you enjoying this fabulous evening at the Grand Hyatt in Seoul. The evening will be filled with wonderful surprices, life music and a decorativ  embiance, 
If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.